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Positive poly stories - seeking submissions!


my friend’s been having a difficult time with people misunderstanding her polyamory, so she’s set up a blog to collect posi stories from poly ppl about how it’s not an inherently awful relationship format

In her words:

When we identify as polyamorous or when we are in ethically non-monogamous relationships we hear a lot of people telling us that ‘it will never work’. I wanted to create a space where we could share our positive experiences with each other.

I don’t want to imply that non-monogamous relationships are always easy, but I do want to start to build a picture of the many amazing ways that people are making it work.

I hope that by sharing our stories we can give strength and support to each other. I also hope that it might be a useful resource to share with those in our lives who are struggling to understand how it might work for people (perhaps friends or family members).

Please share your story! Send it through from the Get in touch page.

so yeah, if you’re poly, maybe submit a story?

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Now, I know you said ”I could never be polyamorous, because I like to know where my girlfriend’s been”, but all I heard was “please hit me with this large pan”.


Me and my Guys. <3 Husband is White Rabbit, Boyfriend is Doormouse

*Been a little offline with events the past weekend….

I’m a lucky girl <3


I like this …


I like this …


“I’ve never been comfortable in a monogamous relationship in my life. I feel like I was built for open relationships just because of the way I function,” Palmer explained. “It’s not a reactive decision like, ‘Hey I’m on the road, you’re on the road, let’s just find other people.’ It was a fundamental building block of our relationship. We both like things this way.”

I came out to my parents about a month into a serious poly relationship. I took my mom out to lunch and she asked so “How do you know that couple?” I simply replied “Well we are dating” much of lunch was filled with “really” and a lot of laughter. She then told my dad, who to this day still calls them the new in-laws. After a month of so I was also outed to my Nana. She is 82 and simply amazing. My boyfriend coming out to his mother was much harder, but after countless talks of him reassuring her that he was not getting a divorce she came around. I am very lucky to have a very good relationship with her now. All in all I am very lucky to have such a supportive family!
— adventuresofangie
Love hearing people’s coming out stories. So interesting to find out how everyone’s family’s take the news. (via umbrellaless22)
To set borders on what another person can do or feel, as a condition for them to be able to receive my love or affection, goes against everything I believe as an Anarchist and human being; I want to trust others to know what they need and never limit them. My life won’t be richer by limitations I put on others.
from the zine Infinite Relationships: Relationships with out bounds or boundaries, love with out limits, with out ends (via ztrnztrn)


New video all about my open relationship. Share it about!

Here it is! It’s done, as promised!

Tell us about your relationships!

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